With Dilimoji you can chat with another face

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With Dilimoji you can chat with another face

Chat in a fun way, thanks to personalized images that reproduce exactly the expressions of your face. From today It is possible.

Dilimoji was born, which merges the words Dilium, that is to say the working team, graphic designers and developers who made this realization possible, and emoji, then pictograms whose name derives from the Japanese 絵 e (image), 文 mo (writing ) and 字 ji (character).

Dilimoji is an application designed and developed entirely by Dilium and was drawn to chat with friends in a fun way. Designed to allow users to write in a new way, will enable you to forget reality for a moment and to look at their friends with a new and surprising perspective.

In a world continually looking for new and different ways to communicate, Dilimoji wants to respond to the increasingly widespread need for a new type of communication, in which the interlocutors themselves can feel absolute protagonists and surprise each time.

Using it is simple: install the app, available in online stores, on your smartphone and log in. The operation comes by itself: Dilimoji will allow you to select your favorite character using the specific menu at the bottom of the screen.

After choosing your avatar, you can use the camera of the smartphone to take pictures and videos, save and share them on social networks or send them to friends with iMessage.
All that remains is to have fun trying all the animated faces and choose your favorite!